CCD Photography w/ Sony DSC-T900

After rediscovering a Sony point-and-shoot from my childhood, I decided to give this little CCD-based camera a try. People seems to like CCDs for their color reproduction and certain “nostalgic, filmic” qualities(which I suspect are the results of the degradation of the sensor).

Photos from this little Sony does look interesting albeit quite noisy. Also, one need to keep a delicate balance while using this camera: the 1/2.3in CCD sensor is tiny even by modern smartphone standards, meaning that unless there is plenty of light, your picture will be blurry. However, if there is too much light(basically any natural sun light), it will struggle with exposure and dynamic range. Here are some pictures I took:

Here are a few more: (these are even worse in raw quality so I made some heavier edits)

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